Memories of Beasts Past

"Camelid in the City", oil on linen, 51"x39", 2019

"Ancient Fauna", ink & watercolor, 21"x30, 2019

"Polluted Swamp", oil on canvas, 48"x64", 2018

"Oceanic Library", oil on canvas, 35"x48", 2014 (Harper's Magazine, January 2015)

"Bitter Lake", oil on linen, 31"x48", 2014

"Take It From the Top", oil on canvas, 30"x52", 2013, (Harper's Magazine, June 2014)

"Cockatiels and Crystals", 50"x30", oil on linen, 2013

"Memories of Beast Past", oil on linen, 49"x32", 2013

"Owls", mixed media, 23"x31", 2012

"Carnac", oil on canvas, 39"x40", 2011

"Sheltering Nature", oil on canvas, 48"x79", 2011

"Cinnamon Rose", oil on canvas, 40"x28", 2010

"Remembering My Chickens", oil on canvas, 62"x51", 2010