NYC Goes On

"Dumbo Dreams", oil on linen, 60"x72", 2018

"Downstairs Deluge", ink & watercolor, 22.5"x30", 2018

"Across the Street from Grand Central", mixed media, 35"x24", 2013

"Exquisite Colossus", mixed media, 29"x31", 2012

"Grand Central:Inside/Outside", mixed media, 31"x37", 2012

"City's Edge", ink and watercolor, 12"x16", 2012

"New York City Goes On", ink & watercolor, 12"x18", 2011

"Facing South East Towards Wall Street", ink & watercolor, 18"x12", 2011

"Cascading Manhattan", ink and watercolor, 16"x12", 2009

"From the Balcony", ink and watercolor, 16"x12", 2008

"Over the Water", ink and watercolor, 16"x12", 2008

"Fancy Oldies", ink and watercolor, 10"x7", 2000

"Manhattan Rooftops", oil on canvas, 48"x60", 1999-2000

"Cat in the Night", oil on canvas, 48"x58", 1999