Urban & Nature

"Flyway Intersection", oil on linen, 75"x39.5", 2019

"Oceans Rising", oil on canvas, 60"x46", 2016 (Harper's Magazine, February 2017)

"Hyper Urban", oil on linen, 56"x70", 2016

"Roswell by Night", oil on canvas, 44"x33", 2015

"Outskirts of Roswell", oil on canvas, 44"x52", 2014

"Valletta", ink & watercolor, 16"x12", 2009

"Sicilia", oil on canvas, 42"x47", 2009

"Deep Time/Malta", oil on canvas, 53"x47", 2009

"Parallel Strata", oil on canvas, 45"x57", 2009

"No Fear of Bears", watercolor, ink, crayon, pencil, 22"x31", 2009

"Bejewelling the Massif", oil on linen, 31"x40", 2009

"Amphibian Emergency", oil on canvas, 62"x81", 2008

"From Shasta Bally", watercolor, 12"x16", 2007

"Urban Strata", oil on canvas, 84"x58", 2004

"Bristlecones on the Balcony", oil on linen, 75"x59", 2003-04 (Harper's Magazine, April 2007)

"Crashing the Canyon", oil on canvas, 59"x75", 2003

"Sinking Into Geysers", oil on linen, 58"x66", 2002

"From the Underground", oil on linen, 35"x52", 2001